My Stress is my Own…

•April 20, 2010 • Leave a Comment

“Give your stress wings and let it fly away. ” ~Terri Guillemets

As I began getting ready this morning I realized that I was already frustrated and the day has not yet to begin.  I mean I only wanted a few more minuets of sleep, who knew it would ruin my mood as I rushed to get everyone out the house.  As I got the girls ready, comb their hair and straighten them up before the bus came…also as I was fussing telling them to hurry and brush their teeth, I realized my stress was my own fault.

How many times did I go through the day frustrated and that frustration could have been avoided if I would have woke up on time or maybe even a little earlier.  Or if I would have completed a task the minuet it came to mind instead of putting it off.  My fiance is stressed right now and he brought it on himself as well.  He sold one of his cars to a person and gave them the keys without the cash in hand and now its been a week and he can not find the guy.   We get stressed when things don’t work out the way we plan but when we plan them we short ourselves by taking short cuts, prolonging, or going against our guts.  Then we are left with nothing but our hands in a fit with strains of hair in it.  Why do we do these things when we know the out come?  I will never know….But if we sit back plan our day carefully and use our time wisely instead of wasting it and making better choices that will give us a smoother out come (like getting the money up front or a promissory note signed when dealing with money) maybe our stress levels will be reduced to little or none.